Ampair 100 wind turbine

  • Ampair 100 wind turbine
    Ampair 100 wind turbine

Turbine scale Small
Suitability Residential
Mounting Mast mounted
System suitability Hybrid

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The Ampair 100 is a complete wind turbine system for land or marine use

The Ampair 100 wind turbine provides reliable performance for charging battery systems in harsh conditions. Although it only generates up to 100 watts of electrical power, in practice it often outperforms 400 watt machines because of its good performance in low wind speeds.

The Ampair 100 generates up to 100 watts for 12 volt or 24 volt battery systems.

I has a heavy duty, all-weather generator, which is sealed to keep corrosion out. The turbine itself is designed for permanent installation.

The Ampair 100 is designed to survive the severe marine environment. In addition to marine applications, it has been used in weekend chalets, radio repeaters, navigation equipment or anywhere that requires 12v/24v battery charging.

The Ampair 100 save the cost of fuel and eliminates the need to run noisy engines. It also reduces engine running under light loads, and can supplement solar charger output with an energy source that is potentially available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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