Geyser low energy air lift pump

  • Geyser low energy air lift pump
    Geyser low energy air lift pump

Suitability Sludge / slurry
Wastewater / sewage
Installation Submersible

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The Geyser Airlift Pump is a simple pump powered by compressed air. It consists of a vertical riser tube partially submerged in a liquid, near the bottom of which compressed gas is injected.

It is suitable for a wide variety of applications:
• Liquids with large solids.
• Return activated sludge in wastewater package plant.
• Mixing liquids in tanks, ponds, or lakes.
• Membrane cleaning.
• Difficult liquids with high viscocity, high density and low or high PH.

• No clogging (2,800 installations)
• Strong suction
• Low electricity requirement
• Easy to control flow rate / stable flow rate
• High lift (Minimum submergence is 30%)
• Possible to pump up to 6% solids
• Removes scum
• Clear supernatant
• Reduced BOD and TSS
• Reduced ammonia
• No valve operation after power failure

As a result of gas bubbles suspended in the liquid, the average density of the two-phase mixture in the riser tube is less than the density of the surrounding liquid.

By inertia, the liquid is taken in the ascendant air flow and moves in the same direction as the air. In this way, the resulting buoyancy force causes a pumping action and the two-phase mixture is discharged at the top of the riser tube.
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