nDura™ handrail powder coating

  • Delta nDura handrail coating
    Delta nDura handrail coating
  • Delta nDura handrail coating
    Delta nDura handrail coating
  • Delta nDura handrail coating
    Delta nDura handrail coating
  • Delta nDura handrail coating
    Delta nDura handrail coating

Type Handrail covers
Finish Metallic

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The new protective handrail coating from Delta Balustrades, nDura™ is ideal for handrails in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic, due to its high resistance to damage, a feature not found with standard coatings.

• Anti-graffiti
Almost any graffiti can easily be removed, leaving no permanent damage or marks from the graffiti or the solvent.

• Flame resistant
nDura has proved to be much more resistant to naked flames and minor fire damage than traditional nylon coatings.

• Anti-bacterial
nDura contains an active ingredient that combats the growth of bacteria such as listeria, escherichia-coli, moulds and salmonella.

• Scratch resistant
The extra-durable properties of nDura™ combine to create a finish with a Buchholz hardness of 118 and a Clemen hardness of 3500g/mm.

• Solvent resistant
The nDura™ coating is not damaged by the application of acetone and other solvents. Solvents used to remove graffiti or stains, when applied properly, will not damage the nDura coating.

• Warm to the touch
This deep and durable finish complies with BS 8300 and has a thermal conductivity of approximately 0.3W/m/k, providing a resilient solution where warm to the touch characteristics are required.

This is a unique process formulated for Delta Balustrades, creating a stronger product that offers longer life. It is applied in-house by Deltas highly trained team of finishing technicians.

Delta Balustrades

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  • Delta Balustrades

    Thursday, October 11, 2012

    Delta Balustrades nDura handrail coating system has been approved as an authorised product by the London Underground. The clear protective coating has been developed in-house by the Cheshire based firm to be flame-resistant, anti-graffiti, anti-bacterial, scratch and solvent-resistant and warm to the touch.

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