Ocean Classic wastewater treatment systems

  • PE construction for longevity under ground
    PE construction for longevity under ground

  • Discreet installation
    Discreet installation

Primary media Sewage
System type Packaged systems
Technologies Submerged aerated filters
Process characteristics Aerobic
Installation Above ground
Availability For hire
For sale
Maximum flow rate 10m3
Population equivalent (lower) 6
Population equivalent (upper) 50

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The Ocean Classic range of compact sewage treatment systems is suitable for treating wastewater generated from domestic and commercial applications from 6-50 population equivalents.

Ocean Classic systems produce high quality effluent in a small footprint that is installed completely below ground for minimal visual impact.

The range utilises the submerged aerated filtration (SAF) process to treat incoming wastewater efficiently. This method of treatment offers reliable process technology that can be operated and maintained cost effectively without compromising the effluent discharge consent, to levels as low as 10:15:5mg/l BOD:SS:NH4-N.

The system has low operating costs and can be installed with an energy saving device. Maintenance costs are minimal as there are no internal moving parts within the tank and it is easy and quick to service. The tanks are made from polyethylene providing longevity in the ground and it may be installed in trafficked areas.

It is fully compliant with BS EN 12566-3:2005 and has CE Accreditation.

EnSo International offers a comprehensive technical support and design service for all customers choosing the Ocean Classic range, to ensure you get the right system for your requirements.

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