Ocean Professional SAF wastewater treatment system

  • Ocean Professional wastewater treatment
    Ocean Professional wastewater treatment
  • Tanks in sequence enable upto 4000 pe
    Tanks in sequence enable upto 4000 pe
  • Below ground installation for minimal visual impact
    Below ground installation for minimal visual impact
  • Using existing assets, such as old trickling filters
    Using existing assets, such as old trickling filters

Primary media Industrial effluents
System type Packaged systems
Technologies Submerged aerated filters
Process characteristics Aerobic
Installation Above ground
Availability For hire
For sale
Maximum flow rate up to 1000m3
Population equivalent (lower) 5
Population equivalent (upper) 4000

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The Ocean Professional treatment range offers bespoke process engineering expertise and EnSo strive to select the most suitable and appropriate products to meet the final effluent quality requirements.

Where possible, consideration will be given to incorporate existing site assets into the finished scheme and the most suitable technology will be selected depending on individual requirements.

Ocean Professional plants extend to 4000 population equivalent and are mostly installed with an Energy Saving Devices to reduce operational costs.

The Ocean Professional submerged aerated filter (SAF) system can operate as a stand-alone sewage treatment plant or for nitrification in conjunction with an existing plant. The SAF process is made up of a number of biological treatment stages to ensure a high biological removal rate, which guarantees the wastewater is treated to the require standards. This technology offers a very cost effective method of treatment.

EnSo International are able to offer full technical support, site surveys and consultancy, to ensure you get the right system for you requirements. EnSo also offer treatment works commissioning, servicing and maintenance on both its own and competitor’s equipment.

EnSo International

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    The Ocean Professional leachate (nitrification) treatment plant supplements an existing high rate filter with lagoon and utilises submerged aerated filter (SAF) technology to biologically reduce ammonia present within the wastewater. The site treatment works receives run-off from a completed landfill site.

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    This village was not served by mains drainage, and individual houses used private septic tanks and drainage fields to dispose of their sewage. A new small housing development on the edge of the village required both primary and secondary treatment to comply with Environment Agency discharge consent conditions, and it was decided to install a larger process treatment plant to allow other dwellings within the village to join the new works.

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