Microbac Membrane Bioreactor

  • Membrane Bioreactor
    Membrane Bioreactor

Primary media Industrial effluents
System type Packaged systems
Technologies Membrane bioreactors
Installation Above ground

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The Microbac Membrane Bioreactor combines a submerged aerated fixed-film Bioreactor and hollow fibre filtration membranes to produce a small footprint treatment unit suitable for municipal sewage and a wide range of industrial wastewaters.

The Membrane Bioreactor degrades harmful organics and ammonia, and removes suspended solids to produce a discharge better than the most stringent standards, typically less than 5:5:5::BOD:SS: ammonia. The process also disinfects the wastewater so that it is available for reuse or harmless discharge in to sensitive receiving waters.


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  • A. Head Office
    Unit 30C
    Werdohl Business Park
    Number One Industrial Estate
    DH8 6TJ
    Tel: 01207 593610
    Fax: 01207 593742

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