Rough&Ready Curve timber benches

  • Rough & Ready Curve benches
    Rough & Ready Curve benches
  • Rough & Ready Curve seating
    Rough & Ready Curve seating

  • Rough & Ready Curve seats
    Rough & Ready Curve seats
  • Rough & Ready Curve benches
    Rough & Ready Curve benches
  • Rough & Ready Curve seats
    Rough & Ready Curve seats
  • Circular configuration
    Circular configuration

Suitability Streets
Frame material Steel
Seat material FSC timber
Style Contemporary
Fixings Root fixed
Seat length (mm) 2000
Seat depth (mm) 600
Seat height (mm) 450

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Rough & Ready Curve benches are curved and display a unique character.

The single bench is 2000mm long and 600mm deep. By linking several benches together, a long, curved bench or a twisting serpentine configuration can be created.

The accompanying backrest is slightly convex and can be mounted at almost any required position.

The benches are available in FSC hardwood, antique 20-year-old basralocus, or in All Black beams which are black through and through.


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    Rough & Ready benches are sturdy and robust and are available various types and dimensions. Straight, curved and circular products are offered.

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    Rough&Ready Topseats are loose seats that are mounted on a stone, brick or concrete wall 30cm high. There are 2 models available: R&R 5/6 Topseats are long, straight seats.

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    Rough&Ready Circular Benches are part of Streetlife's R&R Curve system. They are available in 3, 4 and 5 metre diameters, as well as in a 'Giant' version, with external diameters of 6, 7 or 8 metres.

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    Rough&Ready (R&R) products form a coherent suite of products, including benches, tree planters, Tree Isle combined seating / planter units, cycle parking and bollards. The Country range of bridges also co-ordinates with R&R products.  R&R street furniture is characterised by large FSC hardwood slats, with galvanised steel and corten steel typically used for the bases of the furniture.

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    Monday, December 02, 2013

    Rough&Ready (R&R) is a unique street furniture range for public spaces that combines unprecedented coherence with a natural style. It began life ten years ago when Streetlife introduced the first basic R&R5 bench.

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