Raised access floor underfloor heating system

  • Raised access floor system
    Raised access floor system
  • Raised access floor system
    Raised access floor system

Function Heating and cooling
Wet / electric Wet systems
Suitable sub-floors Raised access floors
Suitable floor coverings Carpet
Resilient flooring
Timber / wood
Single room / multiple rooms Multiple rooms
Applications Commercial / public
Accessories Thermostats

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The raised access floor underfloor heating system is a patented system that uses injection moulded brackets, which are clipped directly onto standard raised access flooring pedestals.

Slim-line cassettes of aluminium-encased rigid insulation are mounted onto the access floor pedestals, thus maintaining good access to the floor void. The heating and cooling pipe is clipped into these cassettes.

The standard heating/cooling cassettes only have the top surface fitted with an aluminium diffuser. However where additional heating/cooling power is required Wavin can supply fully encased cassettes. When used with plenum ventilation the underside of the floor preheats/ cools the air entering the room through the void, increasing the systems performance and the occupants comfort levels.

The durable brackets and heating/cooling cassettes can be easily dismounted and repositioned multiple times, providing future flexibility whether it is a planned requirement or not. Flow and return pipework is supported by brackets to maintain a clear void.

Thermoboard - a Wavin brand

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