Kinetics® Model FLM neoprene / fibreglass lift slab

  • Kinetics® Model FLM
    Kinetics® Model FLM

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Kinetics® Floor Lift Mount (Model FLM) consists of a resilient decoupler, cast housing, and leveling bolt. The housing incorporates two opposing side lugs for carrying concrete rebar. The leveling bolt is screwed into a threaded opening in order to lift or jack-up the concrete slab into final position ie, floating the floor. Together with Perimeter Isolation Board (Model PIB), poly sheeting, and perimeter sealant, Model FLM becomes a complete floor isolation system.

Model FLM permits flexible design of a floating floor. For instance, any airspace can be created between the isolated slab and the structural deck by changing the length of the leveling bolt. Also, the top of the casting may be extended with an adapter to allow for any thickness of floating concrete slab. High load areas are handled either by adding extra mounts or by using higher capacity isolators. Generally, Model FLM mounts are laid out in accordance with submittal drawings provided by Kinetics Engineering. Model FLM offers designers a simple, adaptable tool for assuring high-quality noise control from the floating concrete floor.


  • STC 69/IIC 61 with 4" floating slab and 2" airspace over 6" concrete deck
  • Various load capacities are available in fiberglass or rubber isolators
  • Easy to adapt for a wide range of airspaces
  • Standard mounts are available for 3" and 4" thick concrete slabs
  • Adapters are available for thicker concrete slabs
  • Engineering assistance and submittal drawings are offered
  • Factory installation and supervision is available
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