Concrex® epoxy resin mortar repair for concrete floors

  • Concrex epoxy resin mortar for repair
    Concrex epoxy resin mortar for repair
  • Concrex cold set epoxy resin mortar for repair
    Concrex cold set epoxy resin mortar for repair
  • Concrex deepfill epoxy repair mortar
    Concrex deepfill epoxy repair mortar
  • Concrex® repair mortar
    Concrex® repair mortar

Functions Repairing
Material Epoxy resin
Special properties Chemical resistant
Rapid setting
Suitability Floors
Substrates Concrete

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The Watco Concrex® range provides high performance industrial repair solutions. Their unique blend of resins makes each Concrex® product the ultimate repair ally.

One of the core advantages of Concrex® repair mortars is that they achieve full strength at only 5mm, allowing you to make repairs at a very low profile and address the problem as soon as it happens. For deeper holes, the Concrex® range includes a deepfill mortar. 

Priming is not normally required unless repairs have a damp or permeable surfaces.

Typical application areas:
• Repair broken, holed and worn concrete floor
• Repair broken expansion joints
• Fill wide cracks
• Reline drainage channels
• Bed in and fix guide rails
• Repair surfaces with different levels

Watco Concrex comes in:
- Original Epoxy Repair Mortar
- Cold Set Epoxy Repair Mortar - a cold curing version which is ideal for exterior Winter use.
- Deepfill Epoxy Repair Mortar - ideal for filling deep holes quickly and economically.
- Deepfill Cold Set Reapir Mortar - for filling deep holes in cold conditions.
- Coloured Epoxy Repair Mortar - the coloured version of our best seller.

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