Based in Essex, The Albion Bath Company is a manufacturer of luxury bathrooms. The Albion Bath Company uses the unique ideas and goals of clients to design luxury bathrooms that address all their needs and provide a highly personalised sanctuary in which to unwind and reflect.

Aside from luxury baths, Albion manufactures all kinds of vital accessories to help  complete the look, including brass ingot taps that are available in either a bright nickel or hard chrome finish.

Luxury baths have the power to transform a bathroom from a functional living area to a truly beautiful room. The range of highly stylish luxury baths from Albion Bathrooms has been developed as a result of years of experience and professional insight into an industry that offers so much choice in design across the board.

Free standing baths are generally designed, however, to make a dramatic impact when complemented with the right kind of interior design, and the Albion Bath Company has identified this and created dozens of roll top baths that suit any luxury bathroom, be it traditional or minimalist.

All fittings available from Albion Bathrooms are made from the finest materials, with many of our products developed using Iso Enamel, which is specially designed to retain heat within the bathwater and provide a lightweight alternative to the traditional cast iron unit. This reinforced material is created by mixing a small selection of minerals and resin to produce an end result that is highly versatile yet as tough as any other used to manufacture luxury baths. Iso Enamel won’t chip or scratch under any circumstances and will not be affected or discoloured by common bathroom cleaning products, making it absolutely ideal for luxury bathroom applications.

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