Combined drainage kerbs

Combined drainage kerbing is used on highways, streets, carriageways, roundabouts and car parks for the dual purposes of delineation and leading rainwater off the road.

Inlet holes in the one- or two-part kerbs allow surface water to run off quickly into appropriate drainage systems.

They are often manufactured to fit standard kerb profiles, so that uniform aesthetics and dimensions can be maintained throughout town and city centres.

Being perforated for drainage, they are often lighter in weight than regular kerb stones, and so are faster to lay.

Combined drainage kerbs can be rated according to the load classes set out in BS EN 1433. Class D400 , for example, denotes a loading of 400kN, and is specified for public highways and general parking areas.

Traditional paving edge kerbs , channel drainage and permeable concrete paving are found in other sections of this website.

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