Content marketing terms

Terms and conditions below apply to chargeable content marketing services for paid-for subscriptions.


In these Terms: "Client" means a person or company buying services; "Publisher" is the provider of the services; "" is the trading name of Environmental Standard Indexes Limited; “Online Entries” are entries published on websites; "Content" means text, illustrations, branding, downloads, videos and any other information published by on behalf of the Client; "CMS" means the Content Management System for creating and managing pages on websites; “Effective Date” is the date that the contract crystallises.

  1. Contract duration

    1. The Effective Date of contracts for Online Entries is the date the order is received by the Publisher unless otherwise specified.
    2. Rolling contracts remain in force until cancelled by either the Client or the Publisher.
    3. Fixed term contracts remain in force until the end of the specified term.
  2. Cancellation policy

    1. Orders can be cancelled by giving the Publisher notice in writing as follows:
      1. Rolling monthly contracts can be cancelled by giving one month's notice following the minimum commitment period.
      2. Rolling contracts for periods greater than one month can be cancelled by giving notice before the commencement of a new rolling term. For example, a rolling annual contract can be cancelled before the annual anniversary of the contract, which is calculated by referencing the day and month of the Effective Date.
      3. Fixed term contracts can be cancelled by settling in full any monies due under the contract.
    2. Provided payment has been made in full for all services provided up to the requested contract end date, there will be no further charge made for cancellation.
  3. Costs

    1. The Publisher reserves the right to increase costs at the start of the third year of rolling contracts and annually thereafter, such increase not to exceed 5% of the prior year's annual cost. Fixed term contract rates are renegotiated before the end of the current contract.
    2. The Publisher will advise the Client of any planned increases at least 30 days before the increase takes effect.
    3. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.
  4. Warranties and publishing rights

    1. The Client warrants that Content will not infringe the copyright or trademarks of any third party.
    2. The Publisher reserves the right in its absolute discretion and without incurring any liability therefore to the Client, to refuse to publish any Content without giving a reason.
  5. Online Content Marketing

    1. The Publisher is responsible for creating a framework for the Client’s content. The framework will include the creation of the following entries: company profile; product and service category entries; specific entries for products, services, case studies, projects, articles, news and events to be promoted as agreed at the start of the contract or at annual reviews.
    2. Full entry production services are provided as agreed or for up to the annual standard limits for subscriptions, which are as follows: Platinum 50; Gold 25; Silver 10, Bronze 5. Full production work for entries includes copy writing and editing, the upload of images, documents and files where these are readily available or supplied by the Client.
    3. Major Changes Services is included as standard and fulfilled in 5 working days following notification by the Client. It includes: checking and updating all your links from entries published on our websites when you launch a new website; uploading of new logos, documents and files to reflect changes in your brand positioning.
    4. The Client is otherwise responsible for the on-going maintenance and enhancement of all Online Entries using the Publisher’s CMS. The Client may amend, create or suppress Online Entries at any time during the contract.
    5. The Client is responsible for checking the accuracy of Online Entries.
    6. Should the Client fail to provide material for the creation of the framework, the Publisher reserves the right to use previous advertising material or simply to provide text-based company profile and relevant product and service category Online Entries using information published on the Client’s website. The Client will still be liable for the full cost agreed under the contract.
    7. Where the Publisher is supplying additional Editorial Services, payment is due upon completion of services or, where material has not been supplied to enable completion, payment is due one month from the Effective Date.
  6. Print Showcase Pages

    1. The Client is responsible for submitting illustrations and information on the products and services it wishes to promote to the Publisher by the due date. Failing this, the Publisher reserves the right to use previous advertising material, or if this is not available, to restrict the Client’s to a listing in the advertisers index. The Client will still be liable for the full cost of the entry.
    2. The Publisher is responsible for writing and producing entries to its standard house style.
    3. The Publisher will provide proofs of entries before publication. Amendments must be notified in writing by the required date. The Publisher will not accept responsibility for non-receipt or non-delivery.
    4. Entry positioning is at the discretion of the Publisher.
    5. The Publisher does not guarantee that the stated dates of publication will be adhered to.
  7. Digital Campaigns and Promotions

    1. The Client is responsible for providing material for outbound email bulletins and on online promotional features. If material is not provided, the Publisher reserves the right to select Online Entries on behalf of the Client. If no suitable Online Entries are available, the Client will still be liable for the full cost agreed under the contract.
    2. If managed email campaigns form part of a marketing subscription, the Client is responsible for providing a brief and submitting material for the campaign. If no brief or materials are provided, the Client will still be liable for the full cost agreed under the contract.
  8. Payment

    1. Direct debits will be due on the Effective Date unless otherwise specified.
    2. Direct debit payments will usually be collected on the 1st of the month as they fall due.
    3. Where payment is to be made by cheque or BACS, a 30 day invoice will be issued on the Effective Date and, if appropriate, on the anniversary of the Effective Date, unless otherwise specified.
    4. Where there is a payment plan agreement, failure to settle an instalment by the due date will result in any outstanding balances in respect of that payment plan, including all future unsettled instalments, becoming immediately payable.
    5. If payment is late the Publisher shall be entitled, without limiting any other rights it may have, to charge interest on the outstanding amount pursuant to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 if applicable or, if not applicable, at the rate of 5% above the Bank of England base rate from the due date until the outstanding amount is paid in full.
  9. Governing law

    English law and the exclusive court jurisdiction of the English courts will apply to this order.

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