Gabions are used in the construction of retaining walls. They are modular and can be stacked in various configurations, as well as draining freely and allowing vegetation to grow.

Made from either woven wire or welded wire, gabions are filled with rock, rubble or broken concrete, allowing waste materials to be re-used and diverted away from landfill.

When used as a retaining structure, gabions can provide stabilisation for steep slopes.

For areas of ground of a shallower gradient, where retaining properties are not required, gabions are used for erosion control .

Gabion mattresses are used for large plan areas including river beds and coastal defence works.

Rectangular, square and trapezoidal shaped gabions are available; each is suited to different applications.

Increasingly, gabions have been used for decorative applications such as fencing and building cladding. Their use can help to reduce solar heat gain within a building.

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